Joanna Newsom Fashion

Does what you wear affect how you feel when you perform? Do you have special pieces of clothing that you like to perform in? Is there a particular favorite?

Oh, yes. The ritual of getting dressed up, before I play a show, is very important to me. I don’t really focus on it consciously, but sometimes I become aware of that funny, giddy feeling, like I’m dressing for some mysterious and wild convergence of possibilities, like I’m about to go out and experience something very special, very rare. It’s like the opposite of ominousness, whatever that might be. I feel like to not dress-up would seem instinctively rude, or disrespectful to that strange and fragile magic which has somehow miraculously allowed me to play music for a living. I almost always wear dresses onstage, for that reason; very seldom jeans or pants. I definitely have a handful of favorites. A Christopher Kane electric-pink velvet dress, a vintage emerald-green Radley silk-jersey gown, a silk crepe vintage Ossie Clark print dress, and, recently, an amazing black dress that the unbelievably lovely Rodarte girls gave me. My dream would be to buy one of the pale green and blue dresses Rodarte made for Fall ’09, but those are too expensive for me. I did get to borrow one, once, and it was incredible. The handwork, up close – the tiny, tiny beads, and the tissue-thin lace – made me feel like a walking, talking Faberge egg.

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    This is one of the dresses I saw in the costume gallery place the other day, totally fell in love with it.
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    Joanna Newsome in Ossie Clark
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    I swear she wore this dress when I saw her play in Portland in 2010.
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