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I came back on here for the first time in a while to discover that pictures of Joanna’s house are online and oh my god

Anonymous asked: hello, did you ever post about this black dress that shes worn and I've only seen a couple of pictures of it, its from the first (San Francisco) recording of "The Divers Wife" if you search that on youtube. I don't know that those pictures are from that performance but I'm still curious about the dress.

Sorry for the huge delay!

I posted that one a couple of years ago:

junipermoonfly asked: Is Joanna still touring?

Well, she hasn’t performed publicly since last summer. I’d like to think she could be working on new music.

Joanna Newsom

—Prepared Harp Piece

Joanna Newsom doing a prepared harp piece for WFMU Radio.

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering, theres this one dress that I've only seen her wear in 1 or 2 pictures. Its an almost strapless dress, its green blue and pink and has one tie that is in the center of the dress and goes around her neck. If you google "Joanna Newsom Somerset House" you can see it. Does anyone know what it is or where its from?

That dress is by Diane von Furstenberg.

un1col3 asked: WEDDING DRESS


Never realized how cool these stockings are!

Never realized how cool these stockings are!

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Anonymous asked: Did you ever post about the dress she wore to the Vanity Fair oscar party in 2013?

Yeah, it was by Tom Ford. Her shoes were Christian Louboutin.

part-city-heart-bay asked: Joanna's cape is also custom rodarte

Thanks! I actually posted about those already though.

part-city-heart-bay asked: Joanna's dress at the vanity fair party was made by Lena Lumelsky in the spring summer 2013 collection